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My Story:

My name is Dr. Tererai Trent.
I grew up very poor in a tiny village in Zimbabwe. By the time I was 18, I already was the mother of four young children. Like my mother, and her mother, and all of my female ancestors, I was supposed to be yet another illiterate, uneducated woman trapped in an abusive marriage.
And yet – I dreamed early on of learning to read, of earning a degree, of breaking the deeply patriarchal cycle that locks girls and women into traditional, restricted roles.
Against all odds, I refused to let go of my dream. I believed -- with all my heart -- in the Zimbabwean saying, Tinogona: It is achievable.
Today, I have earned multiple degrees and won many awards for my efforts to address the urgent, critical need to educate and empower women around the globe.
I was deeply honored when Oprah declared me her “All-Time Favorite Guest.”
When she donated $1.5 million to my foundation, Tererai Trent International, to build a school for girls in my native village, I realized, once again, Tinogona: It is achievable.
Now, I want to help women just like you joyfully unlock and achieve your dreams – personally, professionally, spiritually, and emotionally.
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In The Awakened Woman Lessons, which include teachings based on my book, I turn to modern research, indigenous wisdom, and daily ritual to create a simple yet powerful process for living a nourishing, fulfilling, and meaningful life.
  • Modern research: Experts increasingly find when people – anyone from business leaders and entrepreneurs to artists, athletes, and more -- consciously set their intentions and clearly visualize their goals, they are better prepared to achieve their dreams and “perform” at a higher level.
  • Indigenous wisdom: Consciously or not, so much of who we are and what we know is handed down to us from the wise guides and storytellers who came before us. Tapping into this ancient wisdom empowers us to understand, articulate, and write our own authentic life narratives.
  • Daily ritual: Creating a simple, positive, affirming daily practice is an important and powerful tool for changing self-destructive thinking or behavior.
Are you ready to start living the life you want and deserve?
Tinogona: It is achievable.
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* I remain deeply committed to educating girls and young women in Zimbabwe. Every purchase of the Awakened Woman lessons (either a single lesson or the full series) directly supports my mission of creating a sustainable education system allowing girls from our schools to attend college. Fact: $3000 USD is all it takes to give one young woman access to life-changing education.